Perfect Fumigation with Fast Phosphine Generator

Product groupFUMİGANT
Active IngredientAluminum phosphite 77.5%
FormulationGR (Granule)
Features- The latest technology in the fumigation industry.
- It produces all the required phosphine gas within two hours.
- Designed, developed and manufactured by UPL Limited, the technology is patented.
- Provides effective, economical, safe and environmentally friendly fumigation.
- Silo, warehouse, container, fumigation room, undercover stacking etc. Suitable for all kinds of closed volumes such as.
- Fast phosphine generators are produced specifically for customer needs.
Packaging125g, 550g, 2200g, 4400g
Method of ApplicationThe Desired Amount Of Ready-To-Use Phosphine Is Given To The Gas-Proof Environment