Uniphos 351M

Product GroupEquipment
ExplanationMeasures 5 ppm level to detect the safety level of methyl bromide gas
It is used to detect the safety of workers during fumigation and any leakage from fumigation volume.
It is used both to protect applicators and to check whether there is a leak from the fumigation volume
Features- Measurement Range (0-200 ppm)
- Sensitivity (1 ppm)
Easy-to-read QLED display
- Data recording facility

Uniphos Fumisense Pro Mbr Hi

Product GroupEquipment
ExplanationIt is the measurement tool used to detect and monitor the amount of Methyl Bromide in the volume made fimigation.
Fumisense Pro MBr-Lo or Fumisense Pro MBr-HI models are available for detection or tracking purposes.
Features- Measurement Range (LcVHI): 0-200ppm / 0-200mg / L
- Sensitivity (1 ppm) / 1mg / L
- Internal sampling pump
- Date, time and gas concentration
- Data recording in details